My first introduction to blogging was via Twitter.  This public forum seemed to be more of a social network amongst friends.  This article titled, "Exploring the use of blogs as learning spaces in the higher education sector," was very interesting.  I wasn't fully aware prior to reading this article that blogging has crossed over into work and higher education.  I am now aware of the many benefits that blogging now has.  It's a means of creating interaction between peers, co-workers, and educators.  It promotes active learning and higher order thinking.  I love the fact that it encourages analytical thinking.  When people share their opinions and others either agree or comment on those opinions, those people are forced to stand by their opinions through further development.  When a fellow blogger questions someone's public statements, one is required to sustain a clear and confident voice.  They must ask themselves how one's views might be interpreted and reflected upon by others.  This reinforces their ideas and allows them to make corrections as needed.  I like this concept and look forward to future blogging and the feedback of others on my own blogs.  

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