This is officially my first blog.  It will take me some time to get used to expressing my thoughts and feelings on an open forum such as this, but I am excited and open to new experiences.  This world has no set course or real guidelines, other than those bestowed upon you by your parents or guardians.  Even then, it's up to you to choose to follow those ones or make up your own.  I am the first to admit that I don't know everything.  I don't even pretend to appear as if I do.  I know that life is a journey.  You learn as you go, and you evolve as an individual and within your community.  This is a new chapter in my life and I am eager to get started.  I look forward to future blogging and learning from the blogs of others.  I never thought about the benefit of blogging in regards to getting feedback, digesting that feedback and evolving from it.  Game on!
5/16/2012 05:31:00 pm

Cool, Jimmy I played at Tennessee State University in Nashville. We were always at war with Texas Southern over who was the real T.S.U. The plot thickened when my cousin signed to play with Texas Southern. I signed at safety, moved to linebacker, and ended up playing all three positions on defense. What was your position and who are some greats you played with and against?

Val Ostrow
5/18/2012 06:10:45 am

Hey Jimmy,

It's kind of cool starting a new chapter in life. I'm doing the same. I would say just blogging is starting a new chapter in my life. It is taking some getting used to for me as well.

Perry Huang
5/18/2012 06:56:04 am

Hi Jimmy,

I really enjoy the fact that you have such a positive outlook on this new course on technology. I wish that I could have the same attitude, but I think its because I am part of the always on generation so I feel that many people abuse this. People are entitled to their own opinion, but theres too many people in the world that we don't need to know each persons opinion.


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